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Somewhat mythical but buses do exist – I’ve seen one! 
Catching one, however, can be like catching a fish… a lot of waiting and only some- times do you catch one (but you should’ve seen the size of it!) 
From Argostoli you can get a bus to a variety of places.

You may even be able to get back. However, you’ll need to set off fairly early if you want to see or do much while you’re there as, in the rural areas, buses rarely run much after 17:00 and the last buses from Argostoli tend to leave around 14:00

Where they exist, bus stops usually have ΣΤΑΣΗ printed on the sign – otherwise, just put your hand out as the bus approaches, the bus may stop for you.  Fares are reasonable value but the service can be erratic.  Check return times before you set off and again when you reach your destination – and have enough money for a taxi back... just in case the bus doesn’t turn up. For bus timetables, look on the boards at the bus stop, or the fiction section of the local library.  Times vary according to the season… and the whim of the drivers… who incidentally are very skilled.  They can speak on a mobile phone in one hand while smoking with the other… not that they do that while they are driving!

On Kefalonia the summer bus service usually starts around the middle of May / early June and runs through until early October.
For more information the Kefalonia bus timetable can (currently) be found on the website of KTEL Kefalonias or by 'phone on (0030) 26710 22281. The service tends to start, be changed and end with little, if any, prior notice and the KTEL Kefalonias website may or may not be updated to reflect the changes. If the bus times are critical to your journey KTEL suggest that you confirm the times in advance of your journey, here's how to contact KTEL.

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