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Title: 02/02/21
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Crete police 'perplexed' by case of dead Briton aboard sunken yacht

“It’s a very strange case,” said an officer requesting anonymity. “We find it difficult to believe that a yacht that is 30 metres in length can sink easily. Our inquiry is obviously focused on the wreckage and whether there is any evidence to suggest it was deliberately submerged. It’s perplexing.”

While there were no visible injuries on the body, foul play has not been ruled out, according to coastguard officials. “Nothing can be excluded at this stage,” one said.

The crew on a passing fishing boat alerted the authorities after spotting the wreck. Roberts’ frightened dog, Tuck, was said to be clinging to the part of the deck that remained above water.

“He was on the bow of the yacht trying with all his little dog might not to drown,” said Efi Tsekmesoglou, who runs an animal welfare society in Chania. “The dog was in a state of shock. We’ve been inundated with calls from around the world by people wanting to take him in. Hugh had 12 cats and three dogs on the huge estate he had in the foothills.”

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Greece's Agriculture Ministry Will Promote The “Greek Diet” Brand

Greece’s Rural Development and Food Μinister, Spilios Livanos on Monday said that the ministry’s main goal is to promote the “Greek Diet” brand.

Speaking to Skai TV, the minister said that the goal is to subsidise infrastructure, increase exports, train farmers and promote the “Greek Diet” brand.
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Is it safe to book a summer holiday for 2021? Will you get a refund if it is cancelled?
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No kidding, a young goat was rescued yesterday from the rockfall protection netting in Poros gorge after getting caught up in it. Photo from the Tzanata Cultural Association webpage.
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Lovely jubbly! Royal Mail celebrates 40th anniversary of Only Fools And Horses with new stamps

Lovely jubbly! The 40th anniversary of the start of Only Fools And Horses is being honoured with a new set of stamps.

The Royal Mail has revealed the designs of 12 stamps referencing the hit BBC comedy.

Eight of them depict scenes and one-liners from the sitcom, while four others show the main Trotter characters Del Boy, Rodney, Grandad and Uncle Albert, alongside their catchphrases.

Available from Tuesday, 16 February. Piccies and more details at shop.royalmail.com (https://shop.royalmail.com/special-stamp-issues/only-fools-and-horses?product_list_limit=64)