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MS targets junkware
« on: Thursday, 01 February, 2018 @ 02:55:12 »
Windows Defender will strap scareware to its ass-kicking machine
Doomed: Junkware claiming it can rid PCs of viruses, clean up the Registry, etc

Microsoft will tighten the screws on scummy developers who use scare tactics to frighten people – particularly non-tech savvy folks – into paying for unnecessary software.

This crackdown will hit apps that trick people into "performing other actions such as taking a survey, downloading a file, signing up for a newsletter, etc" in order to remedy bogus problems with their computers.

In short, vendors that use scare tactics to get you to install, pay for, and use their system utilities will now have to be very careful about how they advertise, least Microsoft deem their products unwanted software and flag the applications for removal.

In particular, Microsoft says, the rules will be aimed at killing off the dubious claims made by filesystem and Registry "cleaner" apps that try to charge users for performing routine or unnecessary tasks.

Microsoft said the new rules will go into effect on March 1.