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Flash danger
« on: Saturday, 03 February, 2018 @ 13:50:20 »
Adobe warns of Flash zero-day, patch to come next week

*    Uninstall Flash if you don’t need it. The most common “need” we hear for Flash is to watch web videos, but almost all websites will use HTML5 for videos if you don’t have Flash. If you uninstall it, your browser will use its built-in video player instead – so you probably don’t need Flash after all.
*    Try uninstalling Flash anyway unless you are certain you need it. If anything critical stops working, you can always put it back.
*   Grab and install Adobe’s update as soon as you can. If you uninstalled Flash as a precaution, don’t reinstall it until the new version is out.

Note that just turning off Flash in your browser isn’t enough – that prevents Flash files embedded in web pages from rendering inside your browser, but doesn’t remove the Flash playing software from your computer as a whole.