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Harry S-potter
« on: Thursday, 07 July, 2016 @ 16:43:55 »
Asian Tourists Flock To Tiny Oxfordshire Village After ‘Harry Potter Tip’ From Rogue Tour Operator

Homeowners in a quiet Oxfordshire village have been peering from their windows with bemusement - after coachloads of Asian tourists appeared in their gardens.

Baffled residents in ‘unremarkable’ Kidlington, Oxfordshire, have seen dozens of Chinese and Japanese holidaymakers wandering past their properties.

Tourists in large groups of up to 40 have been seen taking photos of houses and gardens, and even attempting to take selfies with residents.

It is thought the unlikely visitors may have been told by rogue tour operators that Kidlington is the setting for Inspector Morse and even Harry Potter.

Nah, the locals assured me that Inspector Morose and Harry Potter were filmed on kef.