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Greece can experience earthquakes and earth tremors. You should familiarise yourself with safety procedures in the event of an earthquake and follow advice given by the local authorities. The Greek General Secretariat for Civil Protection website has advice about what to do before, during and after an earthquake, and issues announcements about ongoing incidents.
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Mediterranean Man:

Hi everyone, planning a move to Kefalonia next year......  is it normal to have so many earthquakes ?    I realise they are small ones but nevertheless......  :wacko: :yiamas:


--- Quote from: SILVERGIRL on Saturday, 01 July, 2017 @ 16:26:14 ---  is it normal to have so many earthquakes ?   
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Yes. Bit quiet at the moment, if anything. Anything below about 4.5 you won't notice much, unless you're near to it  :)

Welcome Silvergirl


We had one while on holiday in Katelios one September ? 2-3 years ago which was fairly noticeable.  It was early one evening so thought it might have been the G & T's !  :lol:

The Ionian is on some geological faultline, but as Maik says we never feel most of them.  He just likes to remind us!



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