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Click on link below for a downloadable spreadsheet which calculates key dates each year, including Paska.
Current year selected by default, or enter a year in cell A1: GGi Greek calendar calculator

Paska online calculator script thanks to
The spreadsheet formula for calculating Greek Easter is based on the Oudin algorithm I found on the website of Claus Tondering.
The spreadsheet formula for calculating Western Easter is a slightly modified version of one I found on
As it says, it should be accurate for dates from 1900 - 2203.


A few updates to the scheduled cruise ship arrivals:

Swan Hellenic's new cruise ship, the SH Diana, will (assuming it's completed on time and is fully booked) bring 192 passengers in to Argostoli on 31/03/23.

A Fred Olsen cruise on the Braemar originally scheduled to depart Southampton on 03/05/23 and due to call in to Argostoli on 13/05/23 has been cancelled as the company have listed the Braemar for sale:

The two cruise ships operated by Emerald Cruises may be calling in to Argostoli as follows:

30/03/23   Azzurra
07/05/23   Azzurra
14/05/23   Azzurra
27/07/23   Azzurra
07/08/23   Sakara
07/09/23   Azzurra
11/09/23   Azzurra
14/09/23   Azzurra
25/09/23   Azzurra
02/10/23   Sakara
02/10/23   Sakara
05/10/23   Azzurra
05/10/23   Sakara
16/10/23   Azzurra

I say may be calling in as the website doesn't give much away and what it does give can be confusing, e.g. according to the Emerald Cruises 2023 Cruise Calendar, the Azzurra departs Dubrovnik on 02/09/23 for a 15 day cruise (via Kef on 08/09/23) to Athens, arriving 17/09/23. The same ship is due to depart Athens on 09/09/23 for Venice (calling in to Kef on 12/09/23).

Not only that, but the day it's due to depart Dubrovnik for Athens, 02/09/23, it's also due to depart Athens for a round trip back to Athens.


That's not all: they might not find Kefalonia, they seem to think it's in Italy:

The Azzurra and Sakara are luxury cruise ships holding max 100 pax, so not a huge number whether the ships arrive or not.

Theofania (Epiphany) celebrations this Friday, 06 January with locals diving for the cross by the de Bosset bridge at 11:30 followed by Lixouriots diving into the waters at the port at 12:30. Similar celebrations usually also held at Poros, Katelios, Sami, etc. Forecast 16°C with sun and cloud, little chance of being wet (for spectators).


O Kefalos Municipal Theatre, Argostoli

17:30 Saturday 07/01/23
21:00       "              "
18:00 Sunday 08/01/23

Presumably in English (?), described as "a thunderously underwhelming damp squib" by the Guardian but does better on Rotten Tomatoes.


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