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--- Quote ---Celebrating Tsiknopempti , A Day Dedicated To Grilling Lots Of Meat

Today is Tsiknopempti (Smoky Thursday) for 2022, otherwise referred to as the week of Kreatini. This is a special day of the year in Greece, where a large amount of meat is traditionally grilled and consumed, just before the arrival of Great Lent, marking the lead up to Pascha and also the official start of Apokries (carnival season).

The event is always celebrated on Thursday (Pempti) and consists of the word “tsikna” meaning the burning of food. People who fast for 40 days without meat during Easter lent use Tsiknopemtpi as a day to eat as much meat as they want, right before fasting begins.

t is part of traditional celebrations for the three-week Carnivale in Greece. The first week is Profoni (prelude), the second week is Kreatini (meat week), the third week is Tirofagou (cheese week).

Tsiknopempti is on the Thursday of the week known as Kreatini before the fasting of Sarakosti begins. It is celebrated 11 days before Kathara Deftera, Clean Monday, marking the start of Lent.

On this particular Thursday of each year, outdoor barbecues are set up everywhere and anywhere throughout Greece.
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