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Church robbers caught



--- Quote ---Suspected church thieves nabbed at port after fleeing island

Three men suspected of a robbery spree against churches on the Ionian island of Kefalonia were arrested on Monday at the western Greek port of Killini, the Hellenic Police said in an announcement on Tuesday.

The three suspects – identified only as foreign nationals aged 27, 34 and 39 years old respectively – are accused of breaking into seven churches on the island and making away with cash, heirlooms and votive offerings, before boarding a ferry to the mainland in a bid to escape.

Police on Kefalonia, however, had alerted their colleagues at the port of Killini and an operation to apprehend the suspects was set up.

A search of their person and their belongings reportedly turned up more than 2,700 euros in cash, as well as jewelry and church valuables, which were returned to their rightful owners.

The same three suspects are believed to be behind another spate of church robberies on the same island last fall.
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