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--- Quote ---Greece: Unionized educators to strike nationwide May 14
Unionized teachers to launch 24-hour strike across Greece May 14. Business disruptions and associated picket protest possible.

Unionized educators affiliated with The Greek Federation of Secondary State School Teachers (OLME) and Civil Servants Confederation (ADEDY) plan to strike nationwide on May 14 to denounce the planned individual teachers' assessments.
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--- Quote ---Greece: Public sector workers to strike nationwide and protest in Athens May 21

The Civil Servants' Confederation (ADEDY) has called for a 24-hour strike in Greece on May 21. The strike has been organized over pay and workers' rights. Striking workers could stage further pickets in major urban centers near institutional buildings and in central squares.

ADEDY has not yet indicated the full extent of the strike's impact, but precedent suggests the industrial action will affect all public sector services, including transport, health, and public administration, prompting transport and business disruptions nationwide for the duration of the action.
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--- Quote ---Civil servants planning strike, protest rally on Tuesday

The umbrella union representing Greece’s public sector workers, ADEDY, has announced a nationwide 24-hour strike on Tuesday.
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