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25€ hospital charge



--- Quote ---Patients being admitted to state hospitals have to pay a 25-euro admission fee as of the beginning of the year.

Speaking to Mega TV on Thursday, Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said that the fee will not apply to poor people as well as patients suffering chronic illnesses.

“Do not worry, they won't go to jail,” Geordiadis said of people who cannot afford to pay the fee.

The ministry has in the past said that the measure will not apply to those earning less than 11,000 euros per year. It has also said that it will not apply to those visiting hospitals for medical tests.
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--- Quote ---Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis is to meet PASOK MPs to discuss ways of scrapping a 25-euro charge for patients being admitted to public hospitals.

The charge was introduced on January 1 but has already proved unpopular with coalition, as well as opposition, lawmakers.
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