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--- Quote ---When do I need to renew my passport for travel to Europe?

Since Brexit, the rules on passport validity for British visitors to the European Union have tightened. But the UK government tells travellers the regulations are worse than they actually are.

After requests from The Independent, the Home Office has taken down its defective post-Brexit passport checker.

But the government continues to publish inaccurate information about the validity of British travel documents in the European Union.

Some airlines continue to deny boarding to UK passport holders who have documents that are valid for travel, laying themselves open to compensation claims.

These are the key questions and answers based on EU rules, not the UK government’s misinterpretation of them.
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--- Quote ---Travellers could lose summer holidays as minister warns of ‘unprecedented surge’ in passport applications

UK travellers could lose out on holidays this summer because of an “unprecedented” surge in passport applications.

Those hoping to travel abroad have been warned to renew their passports “as soon as possible” by Home Office minister Kevin Foster, who said a million passport applications were received in the last month alone.

“To put that into context, we usually deal with seven million in a whole year,” he told MPs.

Demand for passports has been needlessly increased by the government and some airlines misrepresenting the post-Brexit passport rules.

The two requirements for a British passport to be valid for travel to the European Union are:

*   On the day of arrival in the EU, was it issued less than 10 years ago?
*   On the intended day of departure from the EU, will it have at least three months remaining?

These two conditions are independent of each other – so a British traveller to Europe with a passport issued on 2 May 2012 that expires on 2 November 2022 can enter any time up to 1 May 2022.

The European Commission has repeatedly confirmed the rules to The Independent, which has shared them with airlines and the UK government.
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