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Paska online calculator script thanks to
The spreadsheet formula for calculating Greek Easter is based on the Oudin algorithm I found on the website of Claus Tondering.
The spreadsheet formula for calculating Western Easter is a slightly modified version of one I found on
As it says, it should be accurate for dates from 1900 - 2203.

Click on link below for a downloadable spreadsheet which calculates key dates each year, including Paska.
Current year selected by default, or enter a year in cell A1: GGi Greek calendar calculator

Edit: download link added


Tzannata Cultural Association

Dedicated to those who helped our village.
We remember them and thank them.

1960 - Diana Antonakatou captures in her paintings the beauty of the Fountain of Paradise
We admire her... and thank her

We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Blessing of the Waters ceremony at 11:00 on Petani beach this Saturday.

Blessing of the Waters ceremonies in Sami municipality on Saturday:

10:15 Fiskardo
11:00 Agia Efimia
11:00 Sami port

Blessing of the Waters on Ithaka:

10:15 Polis bay, Stavros
10:30 Kioni
10:30 Vathy
11:15 Frikes


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