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ENFIA replaces property tax

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Jolly Roger:

--- Quote ---The first of ENFIA’s  five payable instalments is due by the end of August and needs to be settled even though no printed notification for money owed will be sent to the taxpayers. Instead, property owners have the onus of logging into TAXISnet with their special code on and printing the result statement of total tax owed and the instalment dates in which it needs to be paid either at commercial banks or the Post Office.

ENFIA is replacing the previous Property Tax (FAP) and the tax imposed via electricity bills and, being its first year of implementation, there is already some confusion in the way submissions were completed.
--- End quote ---

Just been to the accountant and received our Property Tax Statement which in our case has gone up by €160 this year but will remain the same for 3 years. Payments are due August-December so five monthly payments instead of the bi-monthly payments that were on the Electricity Bills. Payments to be made at a Bank or Post Office apparently...that's my good news of the day!! :rant: :rant:

You can also access the printable forms online at (after you have logged in, go to Εφαρμογές and choose the Περουσιολόγιο (E9) option - the relevant PDFs are on the left of the resultant page), and you can pay online using e-Banking - at least you can with Eurobank, as I did this morning.  Important to make sure you pay before the deadline (whether in full or in five monthly instalments), as I heard that you have to pay double if you don't...!

Here we go again as soon as we get new legislation, nobody can give any sort of definitive answer...Why, well went to my accountant yesterday and he informed me the dates have changed, " please return in September to collect your information",  he told me!!!!!!!!!! :rant:

According to my accountant everyone in Kefalonia will be paying after August as they are waiting to see if they get a discount for the earthquake problems.


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