Author Topic: Ioannina and the Kef connection  (Read 623 times)

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Ioannina and the Kef connection
« on: Monday, 09 October, 2017 @ 04:35:20 »
Silver, Silk and Separatism: Revitalizing Ottoman architecture in Ioannina

Ioannina is the capital of Epirus, a region known in history as the Greek mainland. Presently the fifth largest city in the country, Ioannina is a bustling university town with all of the intellectual airs of its singular reputation. It is famous for its silversmiths, its silk weavers and as the bygone seat of Ottoman autocrat Ali Pasha of Tepelene, Albania, whose tomb and mosque complex still crowns the castle district acropolis where an architectural revitalization has crystallized in the last year with the opening of the world-class Ioannina Museum of Silversmithing.

On Oct. 9, 1430, the Ottomans had not captured Constantinople yet before first stepping foot in Ioannina when it was the Despotate of Epirus, an imperial state that succeeded central Byzantine rule. It was then governed by Carlo Tocco, an Italian count from the Ionian island of Cephalonia...

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Re: Ioannina and the Kef connection
« Reply #1 on: Thursday, 12 October, 2017 @ 23:40:57 »
Eagle-eyed as ever, Maik! I've read a bit of the history of Ioannina but that obviously passed me by - tsk tsk!  Siver is big in Ioannina.  Plenty of reasonably priced shops and upwards.  There's a big silver complex on the shore of Lake Pamvotis close to where I stayed and which I ignored on the two occasions I've been, suspecting the museum was a ploy to get you in to buy the pricey stuff.  I may be wrong though...  :unsure: