Author Topic: Northern Powerhouse or Poorhouse?  (Read 5556 times)

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Northern Powerhouse or Poorhouse?
« on: Thursday, 06 December, 2018 @ 03:22:38 »
North of England continues to see bigger cuts in public spending, report finds

Government spending in the north of England has fallen by £6.3bn while the south-east and south-west of England have seen an increase of £3.2bn since 2009-10, according to an analysis of official figures.

The study, by the thinktank IPPR North, found that the north of England continued to see bigger cuts in public spending than any other region.

Spending per head in London has increased by twice as much as spending in the north – £326 per head in London, compared with £146 per head in the north – since the launch of George Osborne’s “northern powerhouse” initiative in 2014, the report found.

As many as 2 million adults and 1 million children live in poverty in the north, the report said. Weekly pay has fallen by £21 in the north since 2008, more than the national fall in pay, and half a million people work in accommodation and food services jobs where weekly pay is half the national average.

Northern neighbourhoods have the lowest life expectancies in England, the report found.