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Turkish delight
« on: Monday, 31 December, 2018 @ 18:03:47 »
Turkish police officer saves puppy trapped in middle of frozen lake
'A miracle happened and she came back to life'

A Turkish police officer has won praise after risking his life to save a puppy trapped in the middle of a frozen lake.

Burak Okten donned a wetsuit and swam out to the dog in Van, Turkey, to rescue it as it clung to the edge of the icy surface some 150m from the lake shore.

He was forced to smash through the frozen water by hand in order to reach the animal while a crowd of onlookers formed.

Video shows the police diver bringing the puppy back to shore where it receives CPR treatment before being wrapped in towels and taken to a veterinary clinic.

Despite suffering from hypothermia the animal recovered and Mr Okten has since adopted it and named it Buz, which is Turkish for “ice”, according to reports.

Turks have increasingly taken to animal rights in recent years, and there is widespread grassroots support for humane treatment of street dogs and cats.
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