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England's ITV 'curse'
« on: Tuesday, 13 December, 2022 @ 22:32:16 »
England's ITV curse is REAL: How the Three Lions play worse on the channel
England's ITV curse reared its ugly head once more with a quarter-final exit to France

The England ITV curse is part of the discussion around any international tournament these days, on a list with goalkeepers complaining about the new ball and newspapers ramping up the clamour for one of the bench to be given a start based on club form.

It's nonsense, though, surely? There's no way that England can perform badly just because the game is being shown on a network with adverts. After all, the 3-0 win against Senegal in the last-16 of the World Cup this year proves that the Three Lions can perform when Mark Pougatch and co. are watching on.

Well… actually, it's conclusive. England are bad on ITV: and don't get us started on Channel 4, who hosted a Nations League campaign this year in which England failed to win a single match. 

In 1990, the World Cup aired on both channels. Since 1998, England games have been split across the two, with 16 on the BBC, 17 on ITV. 

England have a 75% win ratio during the World Cup on the Beeb, compared to a pitiful 18% when it's not on that side. BBC's record stands at 12 wins, a draw and three losses, while ITV have only seen three wins, six draws and eight losses.