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Taking Greece out of Greece
« on: Tuesday, 03 October, 2017 @ 12:39:18 »
Greece Tourism: When Growth is Too Big for Reality

No doubt about it 2017 has been a boon for Greek tourism professionals. Even more so for Greek politicians and tourism body representatives not to mention sly investors looking to make a quick buck in a land struggling to keep its head above water. And yet everyone is missing the point: people (day)dreaming of holidays in Greece never picture chilling out on crammed beaches, paying exorbitant prices to sit in one of the hundreds of deck chairs right next to each other with blaring music in the background from at least three bars as marine sport buffs whiz by in jet skis in the once swimmable waters of a tiny Greek isle or needing Google map guidance to get around in their gigantic hotels.

No, most likely, travelers whether millennials, Generation Z or seniors the world over still imagine pristine beaches, a seaside taverna serving fresh fish to the tune of the waves, a trek along a hidden path somewhere in the forest, a room with a view, a 4x4 off-road experience, an impromptu Greek music and dance happening and a special connection with the locals. In short: small scale beauty and simplicity.

This in no way means remaining stuck in the ’70s, to the contrary, it means taking your given advantage (and blessing) a step further with research, respect and vision...