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Google Chrome extensions 'fingerprinted'
« on: Sunday, 19 June, 2022 @ 23:34:53 »
Google Chrome extensions can be fingerprinted to track you online

A researcher has discovered how to use your installed Google Chrome extensions to generate a fingerprint of your device that can be used to track you online.

To track users on the web, it is possible to create fingerprints, or tracking hashes, based on various characteristics of a device connecting to a website. These characteristics include GPU performance, installed Windows applications, a device's screen resolution, hardware configuration, and even the installed fonts.

It is then possible to track a device across sites using the same fingerprinting method.

The Extensions Fingerprints site only works with Chromium browsers installing extensions from the Chrome Web Store. While this method will work with Microsoft Edge, it would need to be modified to use extension IDs from Microsoft's extension store.

This method does not work with Mozilla Firefox add-ons as Firefox extension IDs are unique for every browser instance.

According to the article, three or more installed extensions makes your 'fingerprint' quite unique. However, around 58% of Google Chrome users have no extensions installed/enabled.