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Kefalonia News / Re: Weather warning
« Last Post by Maik on Saturday, 19 January, 2019 @ 03:13:55 »
EMY forecasts thunderstorms over the Eptanisa today and tomorrow.

Kef may escape with rain and showers.
UK & World News / 'Living in Greece' update
« Last Post by Maik on Friday, 18 January, 2019 @ 20:47:50 »
Living in Greece advice on the website has been updated at 2:34pm, 18 January 2019: EU Exit update: updated information on pensions and driving.

Driving in Greece

Holders of UK driving licences who are resident in an EU country should exchange their UK licences for a driving licence from the EU country you are living in before 29 March 2019. For more information see driving abroad.

See driving licence renewal and exchange and taking a vehicle out of the UK.

If you spend more than 6 months of the year in Greece with your UK-registered car, you must register your vehicle with the Greek authorities.


See State Pension if you retire abroad and new State Pension.

The UK government will continue to pay state pension, child benefits, and disability benefits to eligible UK nationals in the EU after the UK’s exit from the EU. Find guidance on benefits and pensions in a no deal scenario.

If you’ve worked in Greece, you should claim your pension through your local EOPYY office.

If you haven’t worked in Greece, you should claim your UK state pension by contacting the International Pension Centre.
Holidays in Hellas / Re: Kef: too many tourists?
« Last Post by Maik on Friday, 18 January, 2019 @ 16:58:09 »
It's not just quantity of tourism

Absolutely! It's about quality of life. Poor old Corfiots have had Brit tourism for so long some have even taken up that boring game known as cricket.

Greek News / Re: 150€ KTEO fine
« Last Post by Maik on Friday, 18 January, 2019 @ 16:38:54 »
Cross checks to be carried out on vehicle owners dodging inspections

Motorists who have skipped the biennial inspection of their vehicles will need to visit a Vehicle Inspection Center (KTEO) soon or face a hefty fine, as the Independent Authority for Public Revenue is launching a cross-checking process in cooperation with the Transport Ministry to identify the vehicle owners who have neglected this obligation.

After cross-checking and identifying uninsured vehicles and the imposition of fines on their owners, the tax authorities are now moving on to the comparison of Taxisnet’s data on vehicle owners with the KTEO data recorded by the Transport Ministry.

According to market insiders, the owners of some 2 million cars and trucks as well as 500,000 motorcycles have failed to take their vehicle to a KTEO in recent years.
Holidays in Hellas / Re: Kef: too many tourists?
« Last Post by TonyKath on Friday, 18 January, 2019 @ 12:12:16 »
You could add Paxos to the Ionian list in view of the size of the island and the number of visitors, but when we were there we didn't notice foam parties, open air mega-discos or tattoo parlours.  We were so disappointed!  ;) On the other hand Corfu is bigger and has very up-market tourism as well as Kavos, which we once passed through in full swing!  It's not just quantity of tourism, although that might be the case on Santorini.

Holidays in Hellas / Kef: too many tourists?
« Last Post by Maik on Friday, 18 January, 2019 @ 03:43:44 »
Overtourism hurts Santorini, says European Parliament report

The European Parliament’s Transport Committee blasted Greek authorities on Thursday for allowing tourism on Santorini – one of the country’s top holiday destinations – to reach saturation point, saying that the island’s character and social fabric have been distorted by the uncontrolled daily flows of tens of thousands of tourists.

The report also cites data from the European Commission’s Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies to note that, besides Santorini, the Ionian Islands and the Peloponnese are also “at a high risk of overtourism.”

Corfu and Zakynthos quite likely, Kef...  :hmm:
Going Geek info / Re: 363 days
« Last Post by Maik on Friday, 18 January, 2019 @ 03:32:42 »
Linux requires less space than Windows, bit difficult to say how much space will be required but anywhere between 3-6 GB, depending upon which Linux distribution you choose. I've read really good things about  mid-weight MX Linux but your PC will probably cope OK with 'heavyweights' such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Or you might like antiX, a fast, lightweight distro designed in Greece.

You could install Linux on your hard drive along side Windows 7 or you could run Linux entirely from a USB stick:

Easily install your favorite Linux operating system on a bootable usb key or flash drive no larger than your thumb (aka thumb drive). Your Portable Linux operating system can then be taken with you and run from any computer that can boot from the usb flash device. Bring your operating system, applications, files, email, bookmarked favorites, games, diagnostic utilities, and more with you. It's your very own portable operating system you can carry in your pocket.

Ever thought of using any computer which is not yours, with all your personal stuff and configuration? It is possible with any Linux distribution. Yes! You can use your own, customized Linux OS on any machine with just a USB drive.

This tutorial is all about installing Latest Linux OS on your pen-drive, customize it, and use it on any PC you have an access to. Here I am using Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic beaver for this tutorial (but, you can use any Linux distribution). So let’s gets started..


* One Pendrive 4GB or More (Let’s call it as Main USB drive/Pendrive).
* One more Pen drive or DVD disk to use as bootable Linux installation media.
* Linux OS ISO file, for example Lubuntu 18.04.
* One PC (Don’t worry, there will not be any effect on that PC).
Going Geek info / Re: 363 days
« Last Post by TonyKath on Thursday, 17 January, 2019 @ 22:35:05 »
How much space does Linux take up. Can I still run my oldish versions of MS stuff?  Presumably it just sits alongside Win7.

UK & World News / Re: UK weather warning
« Last Post by Maik on Thursday, 17 January, 2019 @ 21:23:57 »
Bitterly cold night ahead with a sharp frost and icy stretches

This Evening and Tonight: Wintry showers along the east coast will die away, bringing clear spells across many areas and a widespread sharp frost. Cloud will thicken in the west; becoming windy here with rain turning to sleet and snow over hills and moors.

Friday: Frosty at first. Central and eastern areas will remain dry and bright. Rain spreading from the west, turning to snow mainly over hills and possibly to lower levels further north.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday: Showery outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow will move eastwards through the period. Cloudy on Saturday, turning a little brighter by Sunday. A frosty start with sunshine on Monday.
Going Geek info / Re: 363 days
« Last Post by Maik on Thursday, 17 January, 2019 @ 21:20:33 »
Blimey, unless Santa :x-smile: tumbles down your chimney this December it looks like you might be buying a new PC come 2020, one with Windows 10 pre-installed. If that prospect doesn't fill you with great joy then you could, prior to 20/01/20, try Linux on a USB flash drive, it won't affect your Windows 7 installation and might save you splashing out on a new PC. I bought Mary a new laptop for Christmas just gone, came with Windows 10 but no MS Office or anything like that. It seemed rather slow in comparison to what we're accustomed to and required an MS password to log onto it. Quite easy to put Linux and LibreOffice on it and now it's noticeably quicker and less hassle. Of course, easiest thing is to just keep using Windows 7 but you never know unless you try it, you might like the freedom of Linux!
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