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Tourism Boom Taking a Toll on Greek Destinations, Infrastructure

Rubbish, traffic, lack of water and no parking space were just some of the issues that Greek island authorities had to deal with in view of soaring tourist inflows this year.

With the number of incoming travelers doubling over the last five years, authorities at Greek destinations are finding themselves unable to address the results of so-called "overtourism" as the existing infrastructure cannot withstand the growing demand.

“The situation is not a management issue alone but also a social problem. Inequalities are created. Residents of these regions are divided into those involved in the development of tourism and those affected such as farmers. At such destinations, tourism is promoted as the “only way”, and thus life becomes very expensive and permanent residents are forced to leave as has been the case in Venice,” Harris Kokkosis, professor of Urban Planning, University of Thessaly, told Kathimerini daily, adding that the onslaught of Airbnb rentals has only exacerbated the situation.