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Letter from Auschwitz
« on: Wednesday, 08 November, 2017 @ 00:01:21 »
Greek-Jewish Holocaust Survivor’s Letter Buried in Auschwitz Uncovered

An astonishing story of human perseverance and courage dating back to the dark days of the Holocaust, was restored as a testament to the crimes committed by the Nazi regime.

In 1944, Marcel Nadjari; a Greek Jew who was forced to remove bodies from the Auschwitz gas chambers, buried a letter in a forest near the camp. The text was rediscovered in 1980, but it was virtually unreadable.

Using a new imaging technique, scientists have finally reconstructed the letter, and it’s providing harrowing new details of the Holocaust—and what it was like to work as a forced laborer in a Nazi extermination camp.

Nadjari, a Jew from Thessaloniki, had the misfortune of working as a member of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Sonderkommando. These forced laborers had to perform the unthinkable, removing the bodies from the gas chambers, extracting teeth, shaving off their hair -which was processed into yarn-, delivering the bodies to the crematorium, and disposing the ashes into rivers.

Members of the Sonderkommando were frequently killed and replaced with new arrivals; out of the estimated 2,200 Jews assigned for this task, only a few hundred managed to survive the war.

“We all suffer things here that the human mind can not imagine,” Nadjari wrote in the letter.