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Title: Fire Flocks
Post by: Maik on Thursday, 11 October, 2018 @ 14:34:24
Fighting fires with goats

This summer, deadly wildfires broke out in Greece and the US, and fires also caused huge damage in the UK, Portugal and Sweden.

Once wildfires start they are hard to stop but a scheme in Girona, Catalonia is using a simple way to stop the flames taking hold in the first place.
BBC video (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06nfy9d) below:


Also tested in other parts of the world where forest fires occur, e.g. Portugal (https://youtu.be/wo-hwqYIroY?t=1) and California:


Title: Re: Fire Flocks
Post by: Maik on Wednesday, 17 October, 2018 @ 12:21:06
Greece comes first in Europe in the number of grazing goats, as approximately 4.5 million goats are bred in the country, amounting to 47.6 percent of milk-producing goats in the EU.
Title: Re: Fire Flocks
Post by: Maik on Sunday, 20 January, 2019 @ 15:29:31
California town sets up 'goat fund me' page to finance four-legged firefighters
Nevada City is seeking to raise $30,000 to acquire goats to munch through acres of vegetation that could fuel wildfires

A California town threatened by the sort of wildfires that recently wiped out a neighbouring community is appealing for an unusual type of help: a crack team of goats.

Nevada City has launched a crowdfunding drive, dubbed “goat fund me”, to recruit a herd to munch through acres of wildfire-prone vegetation at the fringe of town.