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Title: Taverna tax decreased
Post by: Maik on Tuesday, 14 May, 2019 @ 23:37:55
Reduced tax rates to apply from May 20

Lower value-added tax rates on a series of commodities will start applying as of Monday, at a cost of 441 million euros.

Although rate changes usually apply from the start of a month, the government has opted to introduce the lower brackets for a number of commodities less than a week before European, regional and local elections. Among the products moved from the 24-percent bracket to the 13-percent one are olive oil, meat and fish, cocoa, vinegar and generally standardized non-fresh food.

Services that are dropping from the higher to the medium VAT rate include food service, such as restaurants, cafeterias, pastry shops, etc... Other services to enjoy a VAT rate cut are electricity and natural gas.