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Title: A-Ω of A-Z
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The Unknown Story of the Greeks Who Shaped the Latin Alphabet

The Latin alphabet is undoubtedly the world’s most recognizable form of written language, whose history goes back in time to the eras of ancient Greek and Roman dominance of the entire Western world.

In its modern form, with its many variations and alterations, the Latin alphabet is officially used by an amazing 131 sovereign nations, and it is also a co-official script form in twelve other countries.

Even in the countries which do not use it officially, most of their people not only recognize it, but they can also read it, mainly due to the global influence of the English language in our time.

However, the exact origins of the Latin alphabet now used by billions of people are relatively unknown, and very few people are actually aware that the Latin alphabet itself finds its roots in an older form of Greek writing.
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Post by: Alan on Monday, 03 February, 2020 @ 23:09:26
See 'Greek to Me' by Mary Norris for more on the Greek alphabet and language