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Title: UK in lockdown
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Boris Johnson orders UK lockdown to be enforced by police
Prime minister escalates UK response to coronavirus with series of strict measures

Boris Johnson will order police to enforce a strict coronavirus lockdown, with a ban on gatherings of more than two people and strict limits on exercise, as he told the British public: “You must stay at home.”

The prime minister ratcheted up Britain’s response with an address to the nation on Monday evening, warning that people will only be allowed outside to buy food or medication, exercise alone once a day, or to travel to work if absolutely necessary.

All non-essential shops will close with immediate effect, as will playgrounds and libraries, he said in the address from Downing Street.
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Coronavirus latest news: Boris Johnson announces three-week UK lockdown

In a public address to the nation this evening, the Prime Minister said the public will not be allowed to leave their homes except for a few specific reasons, and could be fined £30 for meeting outside in groups of more than two people.

All non-essential shops will close, as will outdoor gyms, kiosks and places of worship, except for funerals.

The unprecedented measures were prompted by fears in Downing Street that its coronavirus suppression measures have been ignored by the public, and modelling that suggests at least three quarters of people must follow them for the NHS to be kept afloat.

Under the new lockdown, members of the public must not leave their house except to :

*    Shop for essentials, as infrequently as possible
*    Exercise outdoors once per day, alone or with household members
*    Receive medical treatment or provide care
*    Travel to and from work if impossible to work from home

On the Telegraph website: UK coronavirus lockdown: what the latest Government advice means for you (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/23/uk-lockdown-coronavirus-government-advice-closures-shut/)
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Coronavirus: Supermarkets to get government list of vulnerable people

Supermarkets will use a government database of 1.5 million vulnerable shoppers to help prioritise delivery slots during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sainsbury’s and Waitrose say they will begin writing to people on the list next week.

There is concern those most in danger from the virus are going in to stores due to a lack of online shopping slots.

People in high-risk households have told the BBC they are struggling to get priority treatment online or in stores.

Many supermarkets have started to set aside the first hour of trading on certain days for the over-70s, but this does not extend to those caring for them.
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Coronavirus: UK lockdown extended for 'at least' three weeks

Lockdown restrictions in the UK will continue for "at least" another three weeks as it tackles the coronavirus outbreak, Dominic Raab has said.

The foreign secretary told the daily No 10 briefing that a review had concluded relaxing the measures now would risk harming public health and the economy.

"We still don't have the infection rate down as far as we need to," he said.

Mr Raab said the review concluded that the measures were working, but there was evidence the infection was spreading in hospitals and care homes.

He said five conditions needed to be met before the lockdown was eased:

*   Making sure the NHS could cope
*    A "sustained and consistent" fall in the daily death rate
*    Reliable data showing the rate of infection was decreasing to "manageable levels"
*    Ensuring the supply of tests and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) could meet future demand
*    Being confident any adjustments would not risk a second peak

He said he could not provide a definitive timeline, but said the prime minister's warning at the outset of the epidemic that it would take about three months to come through the peak still applied.
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Coronavirus: Home visits banned in parts of northern England

Separate households will not be allowed to meet indoors in Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and parts of West Yorkshire from midnight, the government has announced.

Millions of people in Greater Manchester, Blackburn with Darwen, Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle, Rossendale, Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees will be affected by the tightening of restrictions.

It is unclear whether the rules will also apply to pubs, restaurants, private gardens and places of worship.