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Title: 05/11/20
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Tiny Japanese home 'filled' with 164 starving dogs
Experts say extreme animal hoarding cases are linked to poverty, isolation and ageing population

Health officials in Japan have found 164 emaciated dogs crammed into a tiny house, in the latest case of animal hoarding that experts say is linked to poverty, isolation and the ageing population.

The parasite-infested animals were found in a 30 square-metre (323 square feet) house in Izumo, a city in western Japan, last month following complaints from neighbours.

Kunihisa Sagami, the head of the animal rights group Dobutsukikin, said the dogs were found crammed onto shelves and under tables and chairs.


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Title: Re: 05/10/20
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Whale, that was close!: California kayakers nearly swallowed by humpback

Two kayakers in California had an unsettlingly close whale watching experience Monday, after a humpback appeared to overturn their boat and almost swallow them, according to a report.

Liz Cottriel and Julie McSorley told the Fresno-area Fox affiliate that they were watching whales from a distance of about 30 feet (9.14 meters) during what appeared to be a peaceful morning near Avila beach.

Everything changed when a large pool of fish emerged.