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Title: 04/01/21
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New, highly infectious coronavirus strain arrives from UK

A new, mutated version of the coronavirus has appeared in Greece, carried by six arrivals from the UK, according to radio station Skai.

The carriers were five Greek and one UK citizens who arrived in Greece during Christmas week.
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New 2021 coins to mark Queen’s historic birthday

The Queen’s 95th birthday will be celebrated on one of five new commemorative coins released this year, the Royal Mint has said.

The Queen, who will become the first British monarch to reach the age of 95, on April 21, will have her birthday celebrated with a new £5 coin.

The issue of a £5 coin is usually reserved for special royal occasions.
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Greek Scientist Develops Pioneering 6G Technology

While the world is just starting to discover and enjoy the benefits of 5G cellular technology, an acclaimed Greek researcher is working tirelessly with his team in Northern Ireland towards developing an even more advanced wireless broadband network.

Thessaloniki-born Dr Michalis Matthaiou, who started his international career with a PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2005, held research positions at a series of esteemed universities in Germany, Sweden, and the USA, before being awarded the Chair of Communications Engineering and Signal Processing at Queen’s University Belfast in 2013.

At the expiration of 2020, he was approved to receive 2 million euro from the highly prestigious European Research Council Consolidator Grant (2021-2026), to take the next step in his research and transform the latest speculative academic concepts on wireless technology into commercial breakthroughs.
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EU firms refuse UK deliveries over Brexit tax changes
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Revealed: The long lost secrets of the ancient world’s second Rome

Emperor Konstantinos I moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantion, a small town on what's now the Turkish coast, around 330 AD. Around the same time he declared Christianity to be the official religion of the Empire, replacing the myriad of different religions in the various parts of the empire and helping unite the various parts. One empire, one religion... easier to rule. After his death it was renamed Konstantinopolis (Konstantine's city). The move eventually led to the division into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire, although that division is a modern term, at the time the empire did not consider itself split. It also marked the start of the split between Roman Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox (Greek) Church based in Konstantinopolis. This culminated in the Great Schism of 1054 which saw the two formally divide. Long before this the Western Roman Empire had collapsed, back in 476 AD. The Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire continued until 1453 when it was taken by the Ottoman Turks and renamed Istanbul - a corruption of eis tin poli, the cry of the Greeks as they rallied troops to fight for "the City".

Agia Sophia was, for around one thousand years, the largest building in the world.

PS: The Holy Roman Empire had no connection to the Roman Empire except by name, it was created when Emperor Konstantine VI was removed from the throne by his mother, Irene, who declared herself Empress. The Roman Church did not recognise female leadership or property ownership and awarded the title Emperor to Charlemagne in 800 AD - a move which further divided East and West. This German/French dynasty had no capital and the Emperor only limited powers, it was more a coalition of regional rulers. It survived - in name - until its armies were defeated by Napoleon in 1806.
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Covid news – live: Boris Johnson announces new national lockdown and all schools to close in England

Boris Johnson has announced that England is to enter its third national lockdown, which means the government is instructing everyone to “stay at home”, and that all schools will close from tomorrow.

The prime minister made the call in a televised address on Monday evening, in which he said the “weeks ahead will be hardest yet”.