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Title: Worry not
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EU Directive Now Tells Greece to Ban Komboloi over ‘Noise Pollution’

Greece has endured a lot during its long economic crisis. Now EU mandarins are cracking down on a treasured symbol of Greek manhood – the ubiquitous komboloi, or worry beads.

Freedom at midday for the island of Zante
The often unrecognised truth is this forgotten island may have slumbered but it also quietly prospered. As its wealth grew Zanteans became one of the largest group of foreign students at Oxford and Cambridge and, later, Harvard and Yale. Today the island is completely bilingual. English – with both British and American accents – is spoken as commonly as Italian.
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EU planning its own 'bateau de commerce' trade yacht modelled on Royal Yacht Britannia

European Union officials are working on secret plans for a new “bateau de commerce” to secure new post-Brexit trade agreements, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

The new ship – dubbed “le trade yacht” - will ferry key European Commission figures to trade negotiations as the EU tries to rebuild its own ties with non-EU countries, particularly the Commonwealth, after Britain leaves.

Europa is modelled on the secret designs for the new Royal Yacht Britannia, which were developed by the Ministry of Defence after she was controversially decommissioned by Tony Blair’s government in 1997.
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EU To Field Team In World Cup In Solidarity Against Russia That Could Knock Out England
Harry Kane could be selected.

The EU is planning to field a team at this summer’s World Cup in a shock move to mark solidarity against Russia’s recent geopolitical provocations.

Belgium, the home of the EU, has offered to sacrifice its place to allow the initiative, with Brussels drawing up secret plans to form a squad made up of players selected from each of the member states, HuffPost has learned.

It is believed that Jean-Claude Juncker has offered to manage the team, claiming his experience of negotiating with the UK government over Brexit puts him in the best position to deal with 11 overpaid egos desperately trying to avoid own-goals.
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