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--- Quote from: Maik on Monday, 03 October, 2016 @ 18:39:57 ---Just looking ahead and thunderstorms on Kef probable on/around Friday. Temperatures look pretty good though for foreseeable future.
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Still looking like thunderstorms tomorrow, followed by pleasant weekend weather and more thunderstorms Monday, possibly going into Tuesday.

Edit: link added

Gather Agia Efimia area had it pretty bad, also some storm damage in Lixouri. Looks like it could be bad weather Monday and Tuesday, going into Wednesday.

Not sure about the winds but gather thunderstorms are probable for the remainder of the day and again tomorrow.

--- Quote ---valid from 10.10.2016 11:30 CET Until 11.10.2016 21:00 CET

Probability of severe thunderstorms accompanied by hail in places and gusty winds.
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Looks like Zakynthos bore the brunt of it this time:

--- Quote ---Tornado sweeps through Zakynthos

The Ionian island of Zakynthos was struck by a tornado Tuesday morning, the fourth in a few weeks, uprooting trees, destroying rooftops and causing power cuts.

According to local reports, the tornado swept mainly through the areas of Lagana, Tsilivi and Vanatou shortly after 8 a.m.

No injuries have, so far, been reported.
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Rain likely on Kef tomorrow morning, followed by mostly good weather for the next ten days or so...

meteoalarm warning of thunderstorms on the Ionian Islands tomorrow (Sunday), think Kef may escape with fairly good weather until Friday.


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