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Ultrafast broadband across Greece
« on: Tuesday, 22 January, 2019 @ 03:14:10 »
Greece approves ultrafast broadband funding

The Greek General Secretariat of Telecommunications and Post's large-scale broadband project Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFBB) was approved by the Intergovernmental Project Committee (SDIT). The project's total budget is EUR 700 million, of which EUR 300 million is a public contribution, and the remaining EUR 400 million is private.

The UFBB project aims to cover the majority of the country's areas not covered by the plans of the telecommunications providers and is designed in addition to the corresponding infrastructure developed by private telecommunications providers. The project's infrastructure is estimated to cover approximately 2.5 million citizens (about 18 percent of the connections) at national level.

By 2023, 76 percent of the population will have access to a 1 Gbps speed network (58 percent will be covered by networks to be developed by telecom operators and 18 percent by the UFBB network) and 24 percent at speeds of 30-100 Mbps (including the areas covered by Rural Broadband).