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Jolly Roger:
The Kefalonia Nautical Museum, due to open April 29th near Sami.

--- Quote ---The Nautical Museum of Sami exhibits all the types of vessels of traditional Greek shipbuilding, and not only.
The exhibits are made of different types of wood ranging in length from 1.20 to 3.15 metres.
In addition, they are built according to shipbuilding specifications, paying attention to the minutest detail of each type separately, which means they are navigable.
Our visitors will wander among twenty-two vessels on a 3,500-year trip.
In our museum you will be able to "fight at sea" with the "Samaina" of Polycrates, you will dive for sponges with the Symiaki Skafi and you will end up fishing with the Greek Anemotrata!
--- End quote ---

Interesting story about the creator:

--- Quote ---Sotiris Marketos was born and raised in Sami, Kefalonia. A sailor's son, from a very young age he was fascinated by the mystery of the sea and the art of shipbuilding; so much so that, when he was just nine years old, he built a small wooden boat by himself using flour sacks as a sail. His goal was to reach Ithaca! A local fisherman discovered him in the middle of the voyage and hastily took him back home.
--- End quote ---

Opens Monday, 29 April 09:00 - 19:00, every day May to October, admission 4€ / kids 2-12 y-o 2€


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