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Fake 'quakes
« on: Wednesday, 29 April, 2015 @ 14:37:16 »
Fake quakes: rumours spread after Nepal tragedy

In the midst of the tragedy, some of what's spreading online about the Nepal earthquake is false.

Dramatic footage and images have emerged from Nepal, showing the devastation caused by the most deadly earthquake in the country in 81 years. But amid the authentic pictures are fake footage and viral hoaxes.

One of the biggest: On Facebook and YouTube, various versions of a video described as closed-circuit television footage from a Kathmandu hotel have emerged. They show an earthquake causing violent waves in a swimming pool - the video was picked up by internationalmedia and has been viewed more than 5m times. However it's not from Nepal - it appears to have been be taken during an earthquake in Mexico, in April 2010.

In neighbouring India where the earthquake has killed at least 58, rumours have been going viral on WhatsApp and Facebook.

A message falsely attributed to NASA and the Indian government warned of earthquakes of higher intensity at specified times and spread panic.