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Dating scams
« on: Tuesday, 01 December, 2015 @ 12:07:40 »
British woman loses £1.6 million to romance scam love rats

A love-struck British woman has been fleeced of £1.6 million by two men posing as romantic interests she met through an online dating site.

Met warns of dating scams after woman is duped out of £1.6million

The Met is urging internet users to be aware of fraudsters posing as love interests online, after a woman was duped out of £1.6million by a gang.

The woman met a man who claimed to be a well-to-do engineer on a dating site. After developing a rapport with the victim, the suspect and a number of others posing as his associates, talked her into "loaning" them sums of money over 10 months.

Two of the gang - Ife Ojo... and Olusegun Agbaje... - are due to be sentenced later today (Friday, 27 November) following an investigation by the Met’s specialist cyber crime and fraud detectives - FALCON.

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Miles of FALCON said: "Within the last year, FALCON has investigated the loss of £4 million in relation to 100 victims who have been ruthlessly manipulated by men and women pretending they love them. The suspects showered them with compliments and confided their seemingly innermost secrets to them. In many cases, the suspects were talking to their victims online or over the phone for hours every day.

The Met’s advice to anyone talking to a potential partner online is:

1) See through the sob stories:
Con artists will tell you tales to pluck at your heartstrings

2) Don’t be fooled by a photo:
Anyone can send a picture which supports a story they are spinning

3) Keep your money in your bank account:
Never send money abroad to a person you have never met or do not know well

4) Question their questions:
Suspects will... tell you very little themselves beyond a few select tales. Never disclose your personal details, such as bank details

5) Don’t keep quiet:
Sometimes scammers will ask you to keep your relationship secret but this is just a ruse to stop you talking to someone who will realise you are being scammed.