Author Topic: *How* many countries in the world???  (Read 2079 times)

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*How* many countries in the world???
« on: Wednesday, 05 February, 2014 @ 16:21:07 »
How many countries are there in the world? According to Google there are TRILLIONS

When one internet user asked Google Now, 'How many countries are in the world?', he received an answer that left him scratching his head

How many countries are there in the world? It seems even knowledge king Google can't even give a definitive answer.

Voice recognition technology and 'knowledge navigators' are still in their infancy and the flawed technology can be hilarious.

Via Softpedia

How many countries in the world?

Now that is a question that's somewhat difficult to answer, as there is no one right answer. Many sources offer different answers, and depending on the source, there are 189, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195 or 196 independent countries in the world today.