Author Topic: "Snoopers' charter" extended  (Read 2342 times)

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"Snoopers' charter" extended
« on: Wednesday, 02 March, 2016 @ 01:31:53 »
Investigatory Powers Bill: Theresa May accused of rushing snoopers' charter into law to avoid scrutiny
Bill would give government unmatched rights to invade privacy

Theresa May has been accused of trying to rush through controversial new surveillance laws before the EU referendum campaign, after it emerged that a new “snoopers’ charter” will be introduced in the Commons this week.

The Home Secretary’s draft Bill – giving spy agencies sweeping powers to monitor people’s web history – was attacked in a series of parliamentary reports earlier this month, sparking calls for it to be entirely rewritten.

A joint committee of MPs and peers has claimed that Mrs May’s proposed overhaul of spying laws was “flawed” and set out 86 proposed changes. However, Mrs May will formally bring forward the Government’s Investigatory Powers Bill on 1 March.

Snoopers' charter: Police have powers to hack into phones and computers for 'routine investigations'
Revamped Investigatory Powers Bill also extends the type of web histories officers can ask for

Police have sweeping powers to hack in to phones and computers and access web browsing histories for routine investigations, under laws unveiled on Tuesday.

Measures in the Investigatory Powers Bill allow officers to break in to electronic devices to investigate or prevent “serious crime”.

But they can also covertly glean personal data for purposes of “preventing death or injury or damage to a person’s physical or mental health”.

It raises the prospect that police can access devices or communications data for common investigations such as assaults, missing persons or suicide risks.

Snooper's charter: wider police powers to hack phones and access web history
Latest version of investigatory powers bill will allow police to hack people’s computers and view browsing history

Powers for the police to access everyone’s web browsing histories and to hack into phones are to be expanded under the latest version of the snooper’s charter legislation.

The extension of police powers contained in the investigatory powers bill published on Tuesday indicates the determination of the home secretary, Theresa May, to get her legislation on to the statute book by the end of this year despite sweeping criticism by three separate parliamentary committees in the past month.

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Re: "Snoopers' charter" extended
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday, 02 March, 2016 @ 11:32:10 »
The innocent have nothing to worry about.  No, don't laugh, I'm being serious!

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Re: "Snoopers' charter" extended
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday, 02 March, 2016 @ 12:44:05 »
I totally agree Ari!  If it helps them to track down terrorists, paedophiles, fraudsters or other criminals via their computers, I'm all for it.  Like you say: the innocent have nothing to fear.  So what if someone knows which websites you've been looking at - does it really matter?  If they can target (and hopefully catch) some of the paedophiles who are grooming our children/grandchildren over the internet, surely that's a good thing? Also, I am sure we all get 'dodgy' e mails every day from scammers pretending to be legitimate sites and attempting to get our personal details; I've recently had over a dozen, supposedly from Paypal, to name only one.

I am sure there will be many who will complain about invasion of privacy etc. but I'm betting some of these will be the same ones who moan that the police aren't doing enough to catch the criminals when something awful happens!  A case of you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.  I believe they need to do this. At least this way they'll stop some of them.