Author Topic: "Best Toilet in the South Pacific"  (Read 2211 times)

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"Best Toilet in the South Pacific"
« on: Saturday, 26 March, 2016 @ 13:06:24 »
For those of you for whom Vanuatu is only an answer on the Pointless TV quiz comes the news that the 80 island group,1090 mi E. of Australia, now claims to have the best public toilet in the South Pacific.  Marketed as "the place to go when you need to go" the project is a clever fund raising idea for a clean water project for the impoverished village of Paunangisu in the remote north of the main island Efate.

Prices are not cheap - £1.30, a quarter of that for locals and "kids go free", so to speak.  Their excellent website comments drily that if you see the public toilets in the capital Port Vila £1.30 is not expensive!  :blink:


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Re: "Best Toilet in the South Pacific"
« Reply #1 on: Saturday, 26 March, 2016 @ 13:25:16 »
Not every toilet has its own website.  But this one is different.

No sh*t!?!

LOCATION – here ‘tis

Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, is on the island of Efate – just one of more than 80 islands that make up our country – Vanuatu.

Er, if you're not on 'E fart, eh (or however you pronounce the name of the island)...  :hmm: