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Flash Player
« on: Thursday, 27 October, 2016 @ 18:09:13 »
Adobe emits emergency patch for Flash hole malware is exploiting right this minute
Windows folks – how can we say this? UPDATE ASAP

Adobe is advising folks to update Flash Player – as malware is right now exploiting a newly discovered hole in the internet's screen door to hijack Windows PCs.

Adobe says it is aware of attacks currently targeting Windows machines (Windows 7 and later) for malware infection.

Users and administrators of machines running Flash Player on Windows, macOS, and Linux are being advised to update their software as soon as possible to avoid further attacks.

Those using Google's Chrome browser will get the update automatically, and those using Microsoft Edge and more recent versions of Internet Explorer (IE 11 and later) will get the fix directly from Microsoft.

For all other users, the patched version of Flash Player on Windows and OS X/macOS is For Linux, the patched version is

Check which version you have

Download available from: (beware the pre-ticked stuff)

Or just uninstall Flash Player and rely on HTML5.