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Google Glass attack: tech giant accused of 'killing' San Francisco
A late night attack on a woman wearing Google Glass tech has become emblematic of anti-technology backlash in Silicon Valley

Sarah Slocum loves her Google Glass. She wears the gadget on her face for more than 12 hours a day and enjoys showing others how to use it.

With the wink of an eye she can take a picture, or use her voice to command it to record video. The device is, she says, “the future”.

So it was with some shock that she discovered there are those who disagree. Rather forcibly in fact. On a recent outing to a bar in San Francisco, the 34-year-old technology writer says she was attacked by people who told her “F--- Google!”, accused her of “killing this city” and ripped the hi-tech gear from her head.

Bars and coffee shops have begun putting up signs banning Google Glass devices. Special buses that take employees to work in nearby Silicon Valley have been picketed.

And, most of all, there is anger over spiralling rents and evictions as young tech workers colonise previously low-income areas.

Google has given some official advice on what to do and perhaps more importantly, what not to do, while wearing the company’s Google Glass smartglasses to avoid being a “glasshole”.

Early adopters of Glass, derogatorily called “glassholes”, have come under fire for using it in socially unacceptable conditions where mobile phones aren’t allowed, for being creepy filming people without their permission and for being rude, staring off into the distance for long periods of time.