Author Topic: Beware 'Royal Mail' emails  (Read 1691 times)

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Beware 'Royal Mail' emails
« on: Friday, 28 February, 2014 @ 19:20:31 »
PC users are being warned to be on their guard against emails purporting to be from the Royal Mail and containing CryptoLocker, a malicious piece of software that locks computers with an unbreakable encryption.

The email states that a lost or missing package is waiting for you at your local sorting office and asks recipients to download an attachment to find out more. Those who do immediately start to install the CryptoLocker malware on to their computer, without realising what they have done.

CryptoLocker will encrypt all the data on the computer, including photos, music and personal documents, using a public key.

A message will then appear on the screen stating that all of the data is locked and can only be unlocked with a private key, which the scammers promise to hand over once the computer owner has sent them a payment.

Delete it without opening.

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Re: Beware 'Royal Mail' emails
« Reply #1 on: Saturday, 01 March, 2014 @ 10:35:39 »
I received one a couple of days ago and it did look genuine but knowing I had nothing in the post I deleted it straightaway...thank goodness!