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People prefer Putin
« on: Thursday, 17 August, 2017 @ 02:16:38 »
Surveys undertaken before Charlottesville:

U.S. Allies Trust Vladimir Putin More Than President Trump 'to Do the Right Thing': Survey

Vladimir Putin is more trusted than Donald Trump to do the right thing for the world among citizens of numerous U.S. allies, including Japan, South Korea and seven European NATO members, according to a survey released Wednesday.

In Greece, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, France, Italy and Spain, more people had confidence in the Russian president than in his U.S. counterpart "to do the right thing regarding world affairs," according to the poll.

Not all NATO members' citizens favored Putin.

Trump scored higher than Putin in Britain, Canada, the Netherlands and Poland, according to the survey, which Pew said was conducted in 37 countries earlier this year.

The disparity in favor of Putin over Trump was most dramatic in Greece and Germany — where he outscored the U.S. president by 31 and 14 points, respectively. Half of Greeks surveyed said they had confidence in Putin, while only 19 percent said the same of Trump.

Trump only barely came out ahead of Putin in Australia, Canada and Britain.