Author Topic: Study of North-South road in the Ionian Islands  (Read 1421 times)

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Study of North-South road in the Ionian Islands
« on: Sunday, 11 February, 2018 @ 20:05:19 »
The Region of the Ionian Islands, while continuing its efforts to strengthen the cohesion of its islands, and taking into account the fact that, since the Spring of 2018, the roaming route, the Regional Districts, as well as the existing road network of the islands, times worked out on each island to create north-south roads, whether they have not been exploited or are inadequate ...
With the main concern of the development potential of an upgraded road network, following the approval of the Deputy Minister of Economy and Development A. Haritsis, the Public Investment Program approved the identification and preliminary study of road projects for the creation of the North-South road of the Region of the Ionian Islands, with a budget of 250,000 Euros. It is a road that will start from the northernmost point of Corfu and after reaching its southernmost end, then via the coastal connection with Lefkada (Vasiliki port, which is to be created), it will continue from the city of Lefkada to the southernmost end of the island. From there there will again be the operating coastal connection, this time with Kefalonia and especially with Sami. The new road axis, after crossing the island, then via the coastal link, will connect to Zakynthos. In order to draw up this plan, the existing network, the necessary roadworks, the improvements in geometric characteristics required and the state of the studies already in existence and whether or not their updating are required should be recorded.
"One of the biggest problems faced by the Ionian Islands Region, due to its geographic form, is cohesion. With the preparation of the study and the operation of the new ferry line for connecting our islands to each other, a first step is taken to provide a solution to this problem. At the same time, the project will act as an incentive for visitors to our islands to combine holidays on more than one island, which has so far been problematic and often impossible. This will mean an increase in the tourist flow towards the Ionian islands, with a corresponding increase in GDP in the Region, "says Theodoros Galiatsatos, Regional Director of the Ionian Islands, adding that" the project will have a positive impact on the environment as it aims at the implementation of projects that will reduce air pollution , due to a reduction in time, while contributing directly to the development of the Ionian Islands through increased tourism visibility. Equally important is that job creation is also expected to create new jobs. "

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Re: Study of North-South road in the Ionian Islands
« Reply #1 on: Sunday, 11 February, 2018 @ 20:23:18 »
Just checked, still 11th Feb. Might sound like a really good idea but I'm not sure it is. Very interesting news tho, BeeTee.

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Re: Study of North-South road in the Ionian Islands
« Reply #2 on: Monday, 12 February, 2018 @ 08:48:21 »
It will probably cost €250,000 to do the study.