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Greek wine exports up
« on: Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 @ 00:50:23 »
Greek wine exports post major gains outside the EU

From retsina to Assyrtiko wine, from the neighborhood taverna to major New York restaurants and from local papers to glowing articles in the New York Times, over the past decade Greek wine has made great strides in terms of international recognition.

Over the 2009-16 period, Greek wine sales have increased by 81.6 percent in the USA, 90.7 percent in Canada, 555.9 percent in China, 104.9 percent in Australia and 562 percent in Japan.

According to the statistics presented, the gains for Greek wines in the internal EU market aren’t quite as impressive in terms of sales.

According to the data, consumers in the UK have the greatest affinity for Greek wines... However, it is worth noting that 84 percent of all Greek wine exports are inside the EU, and only 16 percent is shipped outside of the Union’s borders.

Greek winemakers have not only seen increases in their sales abroad, but also in the prices buyers are willing to pay.