Author Topic: Toxicity at Gateway to Hell explained  (Read 473 times)

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Toxicity at Gateway to Hell explained
« on: Wednesday, 21 February, 2018 @ 21:30:59 »
I'm a new member here. I'm a student from Croatia and I'm really interested in history and mythology. I was reading this article and I thought I'd share it here :)

The article takes a "modern look" on ancient history, mainly the Gateway to Hell.

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here,” said William Shakespeare, and now, new scientific findings tells us how the devils got here! And it was through a “gateway to the underworld” located in the ancient Greco-Roman city of  Hierapolis, in modern-day Turkey."

Take a look :

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Re: Toxicity at Gateway to Hell explained
« Reply #1 on: Thursday, 22 February, 2018 @ 01:55:26 »

Hi Josip, welcome to GGi

Thanks for the post, interesting find!