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Zorba the Greek
« on: Saturday, 24 February, 2018 @ 10:50:47 »
Real-Life Zorba the Greek Could Ease Tensions between Greece, Macedonia

 SKOPJE – The grave of a Greek miner who inspired the creation of fictional character Alexis Zorbas, more famously known as “Zorba the Greek,” could be key to thawing relations between Macedonia and Greece, an academic has suggested.

Giorgios Zorbas, whose grave in Skopje was seen in images captured by an epa photojournalist on Friday, could help ease tensions between the two European neighbors, who have been engaged in a long-running dispute over the use of “Macedonia” in the country’s official name, a word that also describes a region in northern Greece.

Giorgios, a close friend of Greek novelist Nikos Kazantzakis, served as inspiration for Alexis in “Zorba the Greek” (1946); a story that formed the basis of the 1964 movie by the same name featuring Anthony Quinn.

The soundtrack for the movie, which is known the world over, has become Greece’s unofficial second national anthem.

The real-life Zorba the Greek died of a cardiac arrest in 1941 and is buried in Skopje, where he moved from Greece in 1922.

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Re: Zorba the Greek
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The Latin America Herald Tribune, Maik!! Amazing how you find 'em !