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New Greek airline
« on: Thursday, 31 January, 2019 @ 12:48:21 »
Athens Spirit Airlines: A New Start-Up In Greece

A new Greek airline named Athens Spirit Airlines plans to start operations in April 2019. The airline was founded in June 2017. In January 2019, it submitted a request for an air operator certificate from the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, Deal News reports.

The new company has big plans. Athens Spirit Airlines wants to start with a fleet of four Airbus A319s and two Airbus A340s to operate flights both within Greece and abroad.

Athens Spirit Airlines was funded by investments from several rich members of the Greek Diaspora and aims to break the supremacy of Aegean Airlines.

The leader of Athens Spirit Airlines is a well-known manager in the Greek aviation history: Vassilis Dorizas, a retired pilot and priest.

In previous years, many efforts have been made to start smaller Greek airlines. Most of them, over 20, did not manage too long, but there are nine that have survived and are even, in some cases, on a path of sustained growth. Among them are Ellinair and Sky Express. Other successful startups include Astra Airlines, with a fleet of four aircraft covering 18 destinations; Air Mediterranean; Olympus Airways, which has six aircraft; Bluebird Airways; Swiftair Hellas; GainJet Aviation; and Orange2Fly.