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England vs referees
« on: Tuesday, 19 June, 2018 @ 00:51:09 »
England won and everyone's happy but, truth is, after a very bright start when England should have been 3-0 up it turned into yet another mediocre performance, just salvaged by a last minute winner. But far worse than England's performance was appallingly bad refereeing:

England suffer VAR farce

England complained long and loud about the penalty awarded against Walker, but had much greater cause for grievance over the failure of VAR to give them two spot-kicks of their own.

Kane was the victim in incidents plucked straight from the world of wrestling in each half, and on neither occasion did any of the officials - on the pitch or in the VAR booth - see fit to intervene in what were obvious penalties.

In the first half, amid some heavy traffic, Kane was dragged crudely to the ground by Sassi and suffered similar treatment after the break, only for the incident to be ignored once again by Roldan and his assistants.

Justice was done in the end, but these were glaring errors.

It was made clear in a pre-tournament referees' briefing that such grappling would be taken seriously and punished, so England have every right to ask why this edict was not carried out.

VAR is undoubtedly a progressive development, but if it is applied with such inconsistency it will stretch its credibility to breaking point.