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Drivers' eye test ban
« on: Monday, 03 September, 2018 @ 13:25:31 »
Drivers will have licence revoked if they fail road side eye test

Motorists who are stopped by police will have their licences immediately revoked if they fail a simple roadside eye test.

The tough new crackdown aims to catch some of the thousands of drivers who get behind the wheel each day despite having defective eyesight.

Every motorist who is stopped by officers in three pilot areas will have to pass a basic vision test before being allowed to continue driving.

If they are unable to read a number plate clearly from a distance of 20 metres they will have their licence revoked on the spot and will not be allowed to continue on their journey.

As well as removing dangerous drivers from the roads, the scheme will allow the police to collect data on the extent of the problem nationwide.

The initiative is being rolled out across Thames Valley, Hampshire and the West Midlands, and is being supported by road safety charity Brake.