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Save Our Kaikia
« on: Monday, 08 October, 2018 @ 11:26:18 »
#savekaikia Campaign Launched to Stop EU-funded Destruction of Traditional Greek Boats

The South Aegean Region announced this week the launch of the #savekaikia campaign joining forces with the Traditional Boat Association of Greece in raising awareness about the importance of safeguarding the country’s seafaring heritage.

“The crime against our naval tradition must be stopped. These boats are the soul of the Aegean, an integral part of our history, our tradition, our consciousness,” said South Aegean Regional Governor George Hadzimarkos. “It is callous to destroy such masterpieces, true works of art… It is an insult to our seafaring legacy,” he added.

The campaign is urging government officials to stop the EU-funded destruction of traditional fishing boats (known as “kaikia” in Greek), which is as a result also leading to the extinction of boat craftsmen professions.

Traditional Boat Association of Greece